Our group is temporarily practicing at Mudokwan dojo using a line of makiwara.

There is also dojo opening this spring in Columbus, OH for practice and teaching, under membership of IKR.

For over 20 years, the members of the Indiana Kyudo Renmei practiced at Wadokan dojo in Lizton IN, located at the home of Phil and Takako Matsui Swain. Their deidcation to studying and spreading the art of Kyudo made it possible for members to practice in a full-length dojo, learning and practicing all steps and movements in their entirety. As kyudo is so much more than the shooting of an arrow, we have been blessed to have such an enriched training experience.

And it is our commitment to continue to study and train in this way. Wadokan, means "Place of Harmony" and our practice will always be rooted in the principles of harmony, sincerity, humility.

Wadokan Dojo

view from the dojo looking towards the azuchi

a Hotei watches over the azuchi